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Wet room tile style

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Absolutely stunning porcelain lily pad tiles in a matt finish make this wet room look spectacular. Shown here in peacock with a 20 by 23cm format, these slip-resistant tiles cost £69.12 per sq m from Cadogan Stone

Now there’s no doubt in my mind that every bathroom should have patterned tiles. And I really feel the same about wet rooms. One day, when I work my magic on ours, I can’t wait to choose mine. After all, patterned tiles will probably be my first choice, then I plan to build the bathroom design around these. But this is currently a pipe dream as we’re still trying to complete other rooms in our project house first!

Want to know how to use patterned tiles in bathrooms? Using the same style for your floor and walls is a great way in which to make the space you have feel bigger. In a wet room, you can also create a feeling of cohesion within the space. However, when it comes to the floor, you must make sure the tiles you choose are slip resistant. This is a more common feature in porcelain tiles, which also tend to be more durable when compared to, let’s say, ceramic tiles.

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