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Glossary of Terms

Heavily etched and worked surface followed by a further process that knocks back the grain exposure to ensure the character remains.

Created by hand-fettering and then cushioning (softly rounding) the edges of the stone leaving the surface flat.

Created by sand-blasting. An etched finish makes stone surfaces less slippery. It also softens the colour of the stone for a slightly more muted finish. This is particularly appropriate for hard stones that are used for exteriors and pool surrounds.

Created by high-speed mechanical action that leaves the surface smooth and flat. The finish achieved can vary from matt to gloss depending on the density of the stone.

The next level of smoothing up from honed. The level of polishing usually relates to the hardness of the stone – the harder it is the finer it can be polished.

Riven finish is the split or cleft face of stones that are naturally made up of many thin bed or strata layers. Stones such as slates and sandstones are typically supplied in the Riven finish, but some limestones are also available with this natural face.

Created by texturing the stone with a special high pressure mechanical action resulting in a soft stippled surface which, on some stones, can increase the slip resistance in wet areas.

A subtle process for matching aged stones. This is a mechanical process that softly rounds the edges and exposes the surface grain leaving it with a lightly stippled effect.

Created by a mechanical process that recreates the effect of the action of the sea on beach pebbles. The edges are softly rounded and the surface grain is exposed.

The stone is sandblasted to give it a bleached, etched effect and then undergoes the satino process which gives it an orange-peel look and velvety feel.

Created by hand-fettering the edges of the stone and then texturing the surface in a more concentrated process to give a delightfully rustic look.

Created by hand-fettering the edges of the stone and then heavily etching and then smoothing the surface to produce an open-grain finish that mellows to an antique patina.

A smoothing process to create the effect of antique, riven flagstones.