Isle Porcelain Terrace

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With two thickness options, every possible usage environment is covered – indoors and out. This porcelain offers outstanding value for money, and the means to replicate a classic English limestone terrace, patio or pool surround.

Tip: Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, large format porcelain tiles may be subject to a very slight ‘bow’ along the length of larger tiles (60cm or larger). This slight bowing, which will fall within European Standards (and please be assured that all our tiles are CE compliant), can cause slight ‘lipping’ between one tile and the next. If you wish to minimize the effect of this, we recommend that tiles should be laid square, or staggered by not more than a third of a tile length, rather than laying brick-bond. 

Slip Rating; R11

Use: Interior and exterior floors and walls

Rooms: External Paving

Finish: Tumbled

Colour options: Perla, Pietra, Sabbia

Size: 60 x 90cm

Thickness: 1.0cm