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The tones may be soft and muted, but the stone is as hard as nails – virtually indestructible, in fact. The natural riven face of the stone is smoothed off, then “seasoned” to give you the appearance of a time-worn, country-house floor.  


Colour: Tones: Beige Tones, Grey tones, Light Tones, Medium Tones

Stone: Limestone – the classic natural stone flooring; versatile, durable and beautiful.

Use: Interiorand exterior floors Rooms: Hallways, kitchens, living spaces, patios

Finish: Seasoned


  • 56cm x Random / Thickness: 2.2cm
  • Greek pattern / Thickness: 2.0cm
  • 7 x 30cm / Thickness:2.0cm
  • 40 x 90cm Bullnosed coping stone / Thickness: 4cm


Price: From £78.26



Heathfield  Samples

Lower Dicker Comming Soon


Firle Limestone Seasoned

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